Brat Princess - Charlotte, Gwen - Workers Worshiping Skills Assessed During Performance Review (Part 1-2) (1080 Hd)

Added: 03-06-2018

Boss of a company, Gwen, and her intern, Charlotte, are going to asses Taylor today for a performance review. 1st, the women inspect Taylor’s chastity. Charlotte thinks the device is still too big. Gwen suggests a smaller size. At the insistence of his boss and her young intern, Taylor’s chastity device will be switched out for a smaller size. Taylor tries to discourage the women form putting him in the smaller chastity. Charlotte yells at Taylor, then tattles on him. She tells Gwen that he has been insubordinate to her. Taylor complains that Charlotte gives him too much work to do. Charlotte justifies that all she really asks is that he always lick the bottoms of her shoes clean for her, but Taylor has been refusing to do even that. Gwen commands her male worker to kneel n start licking both of their shoes. Charlotte agrees that it’s a good idea for Gwen to observe Taylor licking her shoes so that the boss can really make sure that Taylor’s doing it right.

Taylor really hates licking Charlotte’s shoes. The women yell at him to get him to keep doing what he doesn’t want to do. Charlotte fucks Taylors face with her shoe while Gwen watches. Then, Gwen has Taylor lick her shoes, too. While Gwen is getting her shoes licked, Charlotte tells her about a few dates she’s had with Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson has quite a reputation around the office for being a ladies’ man. Gwen approves of Charlotte seeing Mr. Johnson. His physical attributes are renown to the women in the office, and he’s quite a catch! Charlotte has plenty of time to have sex with Mr. Johnson while at work, now that Taylor is doing all the paperwork for her. But Charlotte does have one more complaint.

It’s not really fair that the women have to dress up n look nice in the office. Business clothes and shoes are actually a pretty big expense. Taylor does not have this expense, as he is naked all the time. Charlotte feels that it is only fair for Taylor to pay for her clothes n shoes now. Gwen agrees that Taylor should be buying the young intern all her office clothes n shoes from now on. Taylor will need to take the intern shopping. The women make Taylor thank them for the opportunity to take Charlotte shopping. Then Charlotte makes Taylor take off her heels and smell her stockings. She wants Taylor to worship her sweaty, stinky stockings. They remind Taylor that Mr. Johnson would never sniff sweaty stockings because he is a real man.

Gwen wants Taylor to worship her feet. Charlotte admires Taylor’s chastity key around her ankle while Gwen gets her feet worshipped. She loves being a key holder. If Taylor acts up, Charlotte will take him to the Edging Salon. The Edging Salon is where males go 2 get their brains completely re-wired for women’s use. His whole sexuality will be turned against him. For now, Taylor is being good and compliant, but if he does things that they don’t like they`ll fry his brains. Charlotte goes over her schedule for the day tomorrow. She has yoga in the morning followed by lunch with Mr. Johnson. When she comes into the office at 2 pm, after yoga and lunch, she’s going to go over her work with Taylor and make sure he’s done it all. If all her work isn’t done by 2 pm when Charlotte comes in to check it, Taylor is going to be in for a major punishment.

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