ClubStiletto - Miss Jasmine - Tongue Job for Foot Bitch

Added: 22-12-2019

Miss Jasmine jumps on the bed and brings her shoes up to show them to you. She says she loves them but after a night of dancing her feet are sore and need attended to. “That’s what slaves are for” she says and then calls her boi into the room. She has him kiss her exposed skin on her feet and then tells him to remove them. “I’m going to lay back and relax while you do your job she tells him. He knows exactly how to massage her feet and she says that when she adopts a house slave she always makes sure they have strong hands because her feet need attention daily. His hands of course are needed for other things like moving furniture or fixing things she explains but most importantly to sooth her feet.

Now Jasmine slides back on the bed to lay her head on the pillow and tells the slave to suck her toes while massaging them. She uses her toes to rub his cock and the slave starts to swell. She takes that foot with his pre-cum and shoves it in his mouth. Jasmine is in heaven from the expert foot massage and she reminds the slave how lucky he is. She then turns the slave into her personal chaise lounge, leaning back against his legs while she rubs her soles over his mouth. She then has him stick out his tongue and then gives him a tongue job between two of her toes. Jasmine explains that she will be out again tonight and when she gets home she snaps her fingers and he crawls out from under the bed to service her feet all over again. Jasmine questions why men are such perverts although she loves that she can use that against them, getting them to do anything for her. While she rests her feet on his face he uses one hand on each foot. When she’s had enough she sends him back under the bed and waves her feet in your face.

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