ClubStiletto - Princess Lily - Cuck, practise sucking on My Toes

Added: 20-02-2020

Princess Lily is just stirring from a nap as this scene opens. While she comes awake the camera man gets some great angles of her amazing ass, legs and feet. She reaches for her phone and realizes her cuck has been kneeling against the wall for two hours. “I did promise him he could worship my feet” she says. She calls him over and says that since he has been dutifully kneeling for all that time she is going to let him service her feet. Eagerly the slave starts to touch, kiss and lick her perfect feet. You can see how much Lily enjoys her position of power and the complete devotion from her cuck husband. “They should be nice and stinky because I just took my boots off before my nap” she tells her docile husband.

“The stinkier the better” she adds. She knows he loves the flavor and wouldn’t know what to do with her if she was fresh out of the shower. As the slave sucks her big toe she says that she should really have a second slave there to attend to her other foot. “You are really good sucking that toe, is that because you’re trying to impress me that you can suck my boyfriends cocks as well?” she asks him. “Would it be an honor to do that for me, fluff my boyfriend before he fucks me?” she adds. The slave while humiliated timidly acknowledges that it is what he wants. Lily says she is going to audition him with her biggest stud and then tells him to take her entire foot in his mouth and imagine it’s a cock. Next the slave sucks on both her big toes at the same time and then Lily tells him she is still tired. She rolls on her side and tells him to lick her soles while she sleeps and adds “and in the morning we can talk more about you sucking my boyfriends dick.”

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