FuckedFeet - A Hall of Fame Foot Girl! - Becky

Added: 02-01-2021

A lot of you are familiar with Becky LeSabre. She is one of my all-time favorites!! Here, she poses solo and gives you a foot tease LIKE NO OTHER!! She wears a sexy cheerleader uniform with sneakers and sheer ankle socks that cheerleaders wear. She even left her socks for me to keep!! They were soooooo sweaty from being inside the sneakers.Becky has super wide feet with EXTREMELY HIGH ARCHES and SUPER WRINKLED SOLES!She also has amazing talent to suck her OWN TOES!! So sexy and sensual!Becky then rubs baby oil all over her soles and the tops of her feet making them extra shiny!!She also gave me her sweaty socks – it was her idea and gift – how cool is that! I believe this is Becky’s very first boy/girl foot worship scene! I have been following this girl since she was 18 and she’s always been girl/girl or solo foot tease. I don’t know how or why I got so damn lucky, but here I am, lol!Her feet are impeccable! Wide, size 9.5 feet, EXTREMELY wrinkled soles, INSANE arches!! She wore her cheerleader uniform and I got to lick her sock covered feet right out of her sneakers as she made sure her feet were extra sweaty!!! She wore those sheer ankle socks, almost see-through and you could see the sweat right through them!!!!!!! I thought I was gonna lose it right then and there, lol! I then peeled off her socks and licked her bare soles and super high arches and sucked on each toe!She also commanded me to nibble on her bare heel and ankle – she LOVES THAT!!! She gets very verbal in this scene and is ever so sensual.To top it off, she gives me her sweaty socks to keep – might have to frame these, lol!!!!!!! I just can’t get enough of Becky LeSabre’s incredible feet! Here she is in the ” Pose ” position. Great wide feet – super wrinkled soles and insane arches!!
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