The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Mistress Dandy - Hot New Goddess First Foot Worship (4K)

Added: 04-01-2021

OMG The Mean Girls have a brand new Goddess!!!! Let me tell you all about my gorgeous new Goddess… Goddess Draya is her name and she is 18 years old and drop deeaad gorgeous! Goddess Draya is the prettiest, most adorable, and super cute young women. Goddess Draya has this contagious little giggle that gives me the biggest smile. She is perfection…
The day I first met Goddess Draya I was walking down the Vegas strip and I noticed her from far away. You cannot miss her, she is absolutely breathtaking. I had to stop to chat with her to get to know her. As soon as she opened her mouth I knew immediately she was born to be a Mean girl. This girl is not only perfect from her curly hair to her size 5 tiny feet but she is smart, she knows she is hotter then 98% of the females on this planet and man oh man she is super dominant! This Goddess doesn’t take from anyone. Like I said, she was born to be a Mean Girl!!!
This is Goddess Draya’s very first day as a Mean girl and she has never done any kind of fetish before. When I talked to Goddess Draya this morning before she was heading over to the manor, she was super worried she would just giggle the entire time we would be filming. LOL! I told her that is perfect, just be you! Goddess Draya was so excited to start her brand new life as a Mean Girl that it almost brought a tear to my eye because I was so proud. (It would have actually brought a tear to my eye if I wasn’t such a heartless bitch. HAhaha)
Miss Dandy was over hanging out with me all day, we were both so ecstatic to show Goddess Draya the ropes. We reminisced on how not too long ago Miss Dandy was just starting out as a Mean Girl, and look at her now! ?
As soon as Goddess Draya arrived at the manor we walked her into the front living room where 3 of our slaves has been kneeling naked since 5am, just waiting with anticipation to meet Goddess Draya. You see how excited I get when I find a perfect addition to my Mean girls, you should see all the slaves excitement. Lol! I figured since this is all brand new to Goddess Draya we would start with the most simple fetish, foot worship.
Prior to today I had informed Goddess Draya about our slaves. I told her they are very obedient, trained daily, but most importantly I let her know that these freaks are not men, they are just our objects that we use and anyway we see fit. I told her how incredibly pathetic each one was and some worse then others. But it doesn’t matter how much I warn my new girls about how extremely wretched and deplorable our slaves are, the girls never quite get it till they witness it. I guess it’s true, seeing is believing. So needless to say when Goddess Draya actually witnessed how pitiful our slaves truly are she really could not stop laughing… it blew her mind.
I was filming while Miss Dandy was walking Goddess Draya through what foot worship is and showing off the 3 slaves that had been ever so patiently waiting to get just one glance at her utmost perfection. The 2 slaves Goddess Draya picked were eventually allowed to welcome her with just one kiss on the foot. Then I made geezer, the slave not picked show off the “Owned By G Plat” tattoo I tattooed on its wrinkly old ass.
The bald slave and whiny slave Goddess Draya picked were then instructed to show her the most amazing foot worship they could muster up. But once they took her high heels off they immediately got distracted with smelling her stinky heels, which then Goddess Draya began laughing at them again because she had never in her life witnessed such pathetic excuses for males. I let Goddess Draya know that they just have a very sad and pitiful existence.
Finally the slaves did put down the heels and moved onto Goddess Draya’s adorable little size 5 feet and worshipped them while she often giggled and commented on how ridiculously pathetic these slaves are.
After a while I had Miss Dandy show Goddess Draya how to gag the slaves with her feet. Miss Dandy literally lodged her massive feet down the bald slaves throat over and over while Goddess Draya looked on in amazement and laughing so hard at it almost throwing up repeatedly. Then it was time for Goddess Draya to give it a go and she was amazing at it! Her tiny feet slid right down that whiny slaves throat like a cork. LOL!
They gaged the slaves for a while before Goddess Draya allowed the slaves to worsship her feet for just a few more minutes before I demanded them to crawl back to their walls they had been kneeling at all morning and day. Goddess Draya laughed for a few minutes and then we went and hung out in my room.
– Goddess Platinum
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