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Added: 20-01-2021

Since jimmy is not to be trusted at home, Jasmine’s girlfriend has asked her to watch him for a few days while she is out of town. While his devotion is to his mamma, she has given Jasmine complete freedom to use jimmy as she likes. She has him start by sitting on the ground and fondling her boots. “My boyfriend is coming over soon” she says as she lays back and tells jimmy to remove his shirt and her boots. She tells him her feet are moist and stinky and she expects them to be properly serviced as she will be telling his mamma all about it.
She has him start by rubbing her feet, tells him how much pressure to use and also to rub every toe. “When he gets here I’ll have to lock you in the closet, maybe you can peak out and learn something” she tells him. Now she tells him to rub her feet while sucking each toe. While he works she continues to message her lover. “My boyfriend has a really big cock, I can’t wait to feel him inside me” she says and then tells jimmy to pull out his cock. She humiliates him by saying it’s half as thick and half as long as her boyfriend… but it is cute. Then she tells him to bring his cock up to her foot and she rubs it a bit until he is fully erect. Jasmine than tells jimmy she knows he is only allowed to cum after he has eaten cum from mammas pussy and ass and jimmy turns bright red. How incredibly humiliating, but there’s no hiding the stiffest cock he has ever had. She calls him a dirty buoy and says that she hopes he understands the women in his life are only doing what’s best for him. Jimmy is really into Jasmine’s feet and is sure to get a good review and she even tells him she plans to set it up so he massages her feet every day. Now it’s time for him to be locked up in the closet though. “You’ll have really dirty dreams tonight, jimmy” she tells him.
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