Limp Feet - Sophia Smith Sleepy Foot Worship And Orgasmic Entrancement

Added: 28-01-2021

Sophia has been coming to see a therapist over a number of weeks. Her boyfriend has a foot fetish, she doesn't but FROM PREVIOUS sessions, the therapist has been implanting one in her. She is coming today for her final treatment.

He explains that today is her last session in implanting her foot fetish. He needs to put her to rest and then worship her feet. This will *cement* the fetish in place but he warns her that there is no going back after this. She is REALLY keen to proceed.

Because this procedure will give Sophia a foot fetish forever he asks her to sign a contract consenting to the procedure, after reading it loud:

"I agree to be put to rest. I understand that I shall have a foot fetish implanted in my subconscious once I am resting.
I give permission for the Doctor to remove my shoes... remove my stockings... and expose my bare feet.
I consent for the Doctor to stroke my legs... lick the soles of my feet... massage my feet... and suck on my toes to implant this fetish into my subconscious.
I accept that this procedure cannot be undone and accept that when I wake up, I will have a full-blown foot fetish.
I also consent for the Doctor to worship my feet whilst being erotically stimulated until I orgasm.
I understand that once I orgasm I shall have a full blown foot fetish.
I finally understand that once I have a foot fetish, this cannot be undone."

He entrances her into a deep rest, proceeds to partially strip her, opening her top, removing high heels, stockings, panties, and then proceeds to worship her sleepy feet enjoying it a lot.
In the first part, Sophia is completely and unresponsive. But, at some point the therapist orders her to become responsive. Despite she remains in a sleepy state, now Sophia starts to moan erotically until the foot worship makes her orgasm.

Scene reopens with her fully dressed and he wakes her up. He then tests out her foot fetish by worshipping her feet fully awake and SHE GOES NUTS OVER IT, she loves it and gets all turned on over it.

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