Goddess Gabriella - I totally own you

Added: 31-03-2021

Breathtaking Gabriella wants to relax sitting on the couch but Her feet are cold, so She calls Her slave to warm them, in Her special way of course: first She orders him to suck Her toes slowly and gently, then to open his mouth and She pushes Her foot down his throat gagging him NON-STOP, using his mouth as a warm human slipper. Sometime She pushes his head up and down with one foot, while the other is in his mouth, like She wants to fuck it. When one foot is warm, She puts the other into his mouth. Then She uses his face as a footstool, putting Her feet on his face. She feels that is face is soft and warm, the perfect place to rest Her feet! She totally doesn't care about him, if he breath or not, if She crushes his lips, nose or eyes, all the weight of Her legs is on his face deforming it, but She just want to be comfortable. After a while She orders him to stick his tongue out and She starts to rub and to slide Her soles over it, again and again, using his face and tongue as a tool for a nice foot massage. Sometime She presses hard his neck while he licks, just to make his footlicker job more difficult. In the end She wants to relax laying on the couch and having Her feet worshiped. She looks at Her slave at Her feet and She commands him to lick Her soles, slowly and sensually, he cannot stop even for one second, he must lick Her feet all the time. She also commands him to lick and suck Her toes. She fills his mouth with her cute toes and makes him lick between them.

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