American Mean Girls - Princess Amber - Foot Freak Under The Stairs

Added: 04-04-2021

I was working on my clip store and I decided that I felt like having my feet worshiped. So I decided to take a break and under the downstairs where one of the house foot-freak is stored and bring it out to use it to worship me for awhile. It just feels good to have a slave-tongue sliding in & out between your toes while you take a relaxing!
But then once I am done using it, the freak goes bonkers when I try to take my perfect feet away from it! I explain that I am done with it and it NEEDS to be stored back under the stairs until someone else wants to use it! Ugh, the freak literally throws itself on the floor and BEGS to worship my feet some MORE.
So guess what? You better PAY ME, bitch! So I make it go fetch all its money that it has been saving up.
And the rest of the clip I am basically just pulling my feet away from it to drive it INSANE until it pays me MORE....and MORE...and MORE!!!!! Haha. It is so easy being me. This idiot ends up paying $5,000 just to grovel at my feet- all while my clips are selling and earning me MORE money, and I am tweeting on my phone to beta losers around the world demanding that they send me MORE money just for the privilege of even receiving the slightest bit of attention from me...
And I just sit on my throne and relax while I am worshiped and paid for being pretty- as it should be!
- Princess Amber

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