American Mean Girls - Miss Tiffany, Princess Amber - Back Hand The Bitch

Added: 17-04-2021

Princess Amber invited me over to hang out because as you should know I'm an honorary guest over at the Mean Girl Manor. Cuz I'm hot as fuck! And I get to do what I want with all these loser slaves. We were talking and this stupid imbecile slave interrupted us. fucking rude! And I happen to know that Princess Amber hates this slave...and gets pure enjoyment out of beating it.
So we took it into the room where we just happened to have restraints on both walls so we could restrain both its arms while its on its stupid knees. Then we can fuck it up as much as we want. It's not like its going to fight back! We restrained one arm to one wall and the other arm to the other and cranked them up until it was nice and tight! Just to hold it in place exactly how we want it.
And then we did what we do best....we completely fucked this slaves face right up! We were slapping it, backhanding it, kicking it. As hard as we could. It was even lucky enough to get spit on by us. Until we got bored. I'm sure by tomorrow this freaks face is going to be black and blue because we royally fucked it up. Bahahahaha...what a fucking loser!
Miss Tiffany ;P

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