Torture Time - Sunshine’s Annoying Bro

Added: 05-06-2021

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Sunshine Tampa is trying to mind her own business and relax after a long day, but her step-bro, Elis is trying really hard to disrupt her. Elis comes barging in and begins telling really bad jokes, but notices that Sunshine is not listening, so he only begins getting louder and much more obnoxious before Sunshine finally confronts Elis for being so annoying. She kicks him to the floor and instructs him to kneel in front of her feet that are resting on the ottoman and instructs him to begin smelling her sweat-soaked socks. Elis begins to give Sunshine a bit of hesitation until Sunshine explains to Elis that she has a little video of Elis that he probably wouldn’t want their parents to know about. Sunshine now has Elis right where she wants him, since the only option for him now, is to agree and allow Sunshine to tease and torment him if he doesn’t want their parents to see the video in question. Elis begins smelling Sunshine’s sock-covered feet as instructed and notices that her feet are extra potent with the extra vinegary aroma from being on her feet all day at work and at the gym, without changing her socks or showering once all day. Elis begins gagging from the aroma as he is instructed to continue smelling. Sunshine instructs Elis to move the ottoman and lay flat on the floor. To ensure her scent sticks with Elis for a while, Sunshine begins rubbing her feet all over Elis’ face in her socks, before continuing to rub her feet in his face after she has Elis remove her socks. As Sunshine continues to rub her feet in Elis’ face, she has him continue deep breaths as her stink is rubbed all over his face. Sunshine even decided to record and photograph her bro in his precarious position, to ensure that she can continue to torment him for a long time to come. Something tells me that Sunshine is not done tormenting her step-bro. Stay Tuned for more of Sunshine tormenting Elis, which is coming soon.
Since Sunshine has last tormented her bro with her feet, she has since discovered a little video of her bro that he would do nearly anything to prevent their parents from discovering. Sunshine takes this as a perfect opportunity to solidifying making her bro her new foot slave, especially since if he were to tell his parents what his sis has been up to, his dirty little secret will come to life, so his best move is to comply with her demands. Sunshine has her bro right where she wants him and decides that she isn’t the only feet that Elis should be serving, so she invited her Boyfriend over to share her newly acquired foot bitch. They may even invite him into the bedroom afterward to stay at the foot of the bed and worship both of their feet while they fucked in front of him, like the good little Cuck foot bitch that he is becoming.


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