TheMeanGirls - Duchess Danni, Queen Quenzi - Slave Punishment Camp

Added: 16-04-2018

Queen Quenzi n Duchess Dani are LOVING their new “jobs” as the newest Mean Girls at the Mean Girl “Desert Punishment Camp and Vacation House”. They just turned 18 recently and can’t believe that they can actually get paid to kick losers in the balls as much as they want!! All we`ve to do is send them a slave that fucked up at The Mean Girls – and they can do whatever they want to them. Complete power over a stripped, quivering adult male at their feet. Quite a rush for an 18 year old! (Trust us, we all know the feeling from being there ourselves – it is awesome. You get used to it over time…but that 1st time kicking some loser’s balls in after you were just in high school a few months ago and had to take “orders” from retarrded old losers like this – it is fucking GREAT. And they DESERVE it, lets be honest!)

Here we filmed them in the basement of the Punishment Camp as they got 2 slaves together and gave them some pretty nasty kicks to their balls. BOTH of them were going up n down like pathetic little fleshy elevators! Kick, down on the ground, back up, kick, down again. Sooo pathetic. The best part is that this was their 1st time kicking slaves balls in and they were GREAT at it! And obviously having SO much fun now that they`re both 18 and able to do whatever they want to grown-ass losers…

Word of advice, don’t get sent here. Quenzi and Dani will DESTROY your balls. Just do your fucking job as a slave in the 1st place.

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