BratPrincess - Alexa - Demands Whole Paycheck

Added: 16-04-2018

Alexa has come to collect what she is owed from danni. Once again, danni is short. Alexa can't wait to be happy, she wants to be happy now. Money makes her happy. She asks danni if he's sold his car. Danni doesn't want to sell his car. He has to be able to get to work. Alexa reminds him, he can always sell his car, then take the bus to work. Alexa suggests that danni cut back on food. Danni complains that he is barely eating as it is. The last time he was given a doggy bag from one of Alexa's dinner dates, it was just napkins and bones. Alexa tells him that he can always go to the homeless shelter for a meal. Whatever danni choses to do, he must remember, his money belongs to Alexa. Alexa tells danni to kiss her ass. Pathetic danni obeys. Alexa reminds danni that if she's is not given what she's owed, he'll never see her ass again. Danni begs to be released from chastity. He's been trying really hard. Alexa thinks it's crazy that he'd ask to get out of chastity when he hasn't even paid her what she's owed. Danni isn't good enough. His efforts aren't good enough. He needs to sell his car. Only then will Alexa be happy. She decides to soften danni some more. She tells him to kiss her ass. Danni kisses Alexa's ass. She demands more from him. Danni has been very selfish and it's time for him to sell his car. Alexa wants and deserves that money because it's what makes her happy. Danni finally agrees to sell his car. Alexa needs the money. He doesn't need the car. He agrees to give Alexa 85 percent every month. Danni agrees to all of Alexa's demands. Alexa rewards danni by allowing him to kiss her where her boyfriend fucks her. While danni is kissing, Alexa decides that she actually wants his whole paycheck. There's no point in him taking a tiny cut. It should all be for her. Alexa decides that she will take danni's whole paycheck, but give him a tiny allowance. Soon, she'll take it all

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