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Added: 31-10-2021

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I brought house bitch AND my stylist to Vegas with me. House bitch (@chrisnick111) moved to Denver for the honor of being at my beck and call 24/7 and been doing so well that I thought I could use him in Vegas too. House bitch works hard, he does my dishes, my laundry, mops my floors, picks up my packages, breaks down my boxes, takes out my trash, does my grocery shopping, mails my packages, takes my clothes to the dry cleaner, brings my high heels to the shoe repairman, etc. In Vegas I had him grabbing lunch and fresh pressed juices, shopping,packing and unpacking my bags, filming, etc. He’s barely rewarded for this, since the pleasure is all his, but today I have time to focus on him for a small amount of time. I instruct him to buy massage oil the day before. I instruct him to show up with his chastity cage ON the morning of. After Jenny finishes my hair and makeup I tell him we’re filming a clip together. He has no idea what of, this clip is candid and raw and real and filmed in the same style as, “Meeting Goddess Jessica’s Feet.” (https:///zLvL2F) It is simply a private session between my slave and I that I am allowing you to view, you’re welcome. On this day I finally allow my house bitch an ass worship session in the form of a massage, which I needed anyway. Ass Worship is his FAVORITE and until today he’s never been allowed to touch me, even after months of diligent servitude. Watch me fuck with him, watch him melt, all while Jenny stifles her giggles in the other room. I followed through with all of the suggestions in the video and he ended up being caged an additional day. I finally gave him the key in a trampling video with Princess Ashley that I filmed 2 days later.
Keywords: femdom, femdom pov, goddess worship, ass fetish


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