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Added: 18-11-2021

*We found such a cool new device for our slaves to wear. Something we can really dominate them with. Their head in a locked sphere and their gross little slave hands in little locked spheres. It sensory deprives them EXCEPT smell (and maybe taste.) They don’t know whats going on because they are trapped in a little sphere with only a small hole. A hole to fart in and maybe even one day to spit and piss in. They can’t move their hands or fingers so they won’t even bother putting up a fight or struggling. And if they do then just one click will put them in their place as their ball sack gets shocked abruptly with their dick still in chastity. *
Ava and Kat spent the day at the gym having hot ALPHA males stare at them in lust. After they got home and put Slave Fluffy in a distraught bliss with sweaty thong sucking and smelly feet worshipping they thought he’d be the perfect candidate for our new fun toy! Cause he’s such a fucking bitch.
The girls tighten the locks as he stands there in chastity with the ball shocker locked tight. The girls take turns farting through a funnel straight into the sphere where Fluffys dumb fucking face is. Oh but first they put their sweaty thongs around his face and stuffed his mouth with a dirty sweaty sock. Who knows how his well being is after he gets shocked over and over again as he inhales farts and sucks on sweaty socks. LOL Wow. He is such a beta. DEPRIVED OF EVERYTHING BUT BLESSED WITH SWEATY SMELLY SCENTS AND BRUTAL SHOCKS!
Princess Crystal

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Ballshocker, Teasing, Young Mistress, CBT, Brat Princess 2

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