PPF - Sofi, Kira - Bratty Girls Roughly Public Dominate An Enslaved Guy Outdoor Night - EXTREME DOMINATION

Added: 20-11-2021

Two sadistic mean girls, Sofi and Kira, stuffed their slave into the trunk of a car at night and took him to the outskirts of the city in an unknown area to mock him and leave him humiliated there. The mistress Kira stopped the car in a random distant place and the girls got out of the car and, opening the trunk, took out their long-suffering slave. Immediately near the trunk, the slave was ordered to kiss the ass in Mistress Kira's jeans, and then the ass in Mistress Sofie's jeans. Bad girls rudely humiliate their slave by ordering him to kneel in front of them on a muddy road and obey their perverted orders. Then Mistress Sofi roughly took the slave by the hair and led him closer to the side of the road where the light from the car fell. Here, young dominants ordered the slave to crawl like a pony that Kira saddled and at the same time kiss Sofie's pussy. Red-haired bitches torment and taunt the slave, give him hard slaps in the face and block the air with their hands (hand over mouth), trample the slave's hands with dirty sneakers. When the girls played enough with the slave, Mistress Sofi put her foot with a dirty sneaker on the slave's chest and roughly kicked him so that he fell into the dirty grass, after which the girls got into the car and drove away, leaving the pitiful slave as unnecessary trash.

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