Brat Princess 2 - Amber, Nika - Red Light Green Light Shiny Torment 4K

Added: 07-03-2022

Previous clip “ Amber and Nika – Red Light Green Light Shiny Humiliation."
Coming soon “Amber and Nika – Red Light Green Light Shiny Extreme."
Amber has sparkly sexy shiny shorts on that are super tight. While mutt is on his knees Amber slowly pulls them down. This is making him so so so weak. Being told to stroke then not to stroke makes mutt go crazy. She takes off her sexy high heals and puts them right in his ugly face and makes him smell them. He whimpers and begs like a mutt for more. Nika is in the other room changing. She throws her leggings at him. He immediately grabs them and starts smelling them and quickly starts jerking his cock like a mad man. Amber grabs them from him and smushes them against his face. Tight shiny princess smelling leggings right in the face of this gooning old man. Nika comes back in and sensually talks to him as she tells him red light green light. The girls keep changing outfits and each time come in sexy as fuck in shiny tight clothing. Mutt is weak. So fucking weak for them. He will do anything for them. Being able to stroke to their asses puts him in such a trance. Its actually kind of humiliating. What kind of man has to be told when he can or can’t touch his own cock? OH YEAH, a beta that is undergoing extreme…humiliation….financial domination…. And Red Light Green Light torment. That’s what he gets.
Princess Crystal
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