Goddess Jasmine Mendez - Hot Facial Therapy Fantasy

Added: 07-05-2022

Custom: You're a teacher, and the guy on the couch is the nerd in the class, and the only one that hasn't been kissed yet. Since he's such a loser, you've **** him to give him a good facelicking - the closest thing he'll ever come to kissing. You lie down on top of him, and start licking his face from chin via nose to forehead. You especially lick and suck his nose and chin (the nose licking you did in "Facial Therapy-Fantasy & Your Next in Line!" (11/10/15) was super hot, so I'd love to see more of that). You also lick his mouth/lips, from one side of the mouth to the other, with broad, drooling licks. Camera in both POV and sideways views, with frequent closeup shots. In between licking, you laugh of how pathetic he is, and how much you love to humiliate him. After about 5 minutes, you remove the blindfold, and towards the end of the session, after about 8 minutes, you get up behind the guy, and continue to lick his face from behind, with lots of saliva/drooling (like the last 5 minutes of "Saliva Recess Break"). At the end, you simply tell him to get up and leave the room.
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