Brat Princess 2 - Amber - Old Beta Humiliated over Lifetime of Failure 4K

Added: 20-05-2022

It's just another day for a hot girl. Working out and taking cute pictures. I'm sitting on top of dink and I start asking him about his "dating history" LOL. This big fat dummy is like ancient and he claims he has been on THREE DATES!!! Obviously he's peaked my interest, like what girl in their right mind would EVER go on a date with Dink????? Dink begins to tell me about these girls in high school that he asked out. He describes them to me: what they looked like, their names, how the names are spelled, how he asked them out. I draw on dink with a sharpie while he tells me how he asked these girls out. (He never ACTUALLY went on dates with these girls, but had somehow worked up the courage to ask them out). As I continue investigating these encounters dink had with these girls, I start to get angrier the more he tells me. He claims to have asked these girls out IN PUBLIC.... IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I don't care if this was TWENTY YEARS AGO, dink needs to pay for what he did to these poor girls. I begin to yell at dink, getting in his face and slapping the **** out of him. I demand he apologize to each girl as I slap him repeatedly across the face. I explain to Dink the emotional damage he did to these girls, being a COMPLETE UGGO asking out pretty girls EW!!! A beta male should NEVER approach a hot girl and ask her out as if they have a chance.... AND IN FRONT OF PEOPLE????? That is UNFORGIVABLE! It's not fair to these girls that they had to endure dinks false confidence. Not only do I humiliate dink, I stand on top of him and stomp down as hard as I can. *Unfortunately stupid Lizzy was filming this clip and COMPLETELY missed the trample shot at the end. You can't even see my feet as I stomp down on this loser! Lizzy can't help it that she's so obsessed with me, but be certain she got a good beating when I found out she fucked this clip up so badly.
- Amber
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