ClubStiletto - Princess Lily - This Is Where Your Tongue Is Going To End Up

Added: 01-05-2017

In a playful mood, Princess Lily has dressed her slave up for the afternoon, and turning him into a unicorn has gotten her rather aroused. She tells him to crawl over and use his horn on her pussy, but when she realizes that's not really going to work, she decides it's going to be an Ass Day instead. She needs access to his mouth so off comes the mask, and she directs him down to her stilettos to for starters. As she lies down on her side, you get an amazing view of her plump ass, and she parts her cheeks to torment her slave... and you. She calls her slave a good boy as he sucks on her stilettos, and she has him lick her ankles next, followed by her legs. She gently tells him he’s pathetic and makes him say out loud that he will do anything for her. “If you’re good, maybe someday I’ll allow you to lick my pussy” she says. She teases him by flashing her breasts but tells him he doesn’t get those. Sliding down the bench she pulls her panties to the side, revealing her pussy and ass. She says he can look at her pussy but because he’s a slave, it’s only ass for him. She rubs her pink little butthole and tells him to get in there. At first, he’s only allowed to lick around her hole, then her taint, until she permits him to lick her ass. “Do you like the taste of that, bitch?” she asks him as she has left it nice and ripe for him. You like it, don’t you?” The ass-licking slave lets her know that he does. He loves it and would lick it all day if he were allowed to! As she rubs her pussy, she tells him he is a disgusting toilet. She’s really getting off from her own touch and from knowing her slave would do anything with a mere snap of her fingers. She berates him as she begins to tremble from her own touch, culminating in an orgasm you will not want to miss! She has no further need for the slave so boots him away and makes him crawl back to his cage. This is the life of a true Domina who uses men with only one thing in mind, her own pleasure.

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