Subby Hubby – Cuckold Cowboy For Goddess Penny

Added: 02-05-2017

Goddess Penny Nichols is on vacation and wants to have some fun, but there are no worthy men around. All the guys around her are the macho cowboy type, so she decides to play the role and trick one back to her room so she can turn him into her submissive little slut boy and use him for her own needs. She spots one by the pool and takes him to her room where she slaps a pink collar on him explaining how she like it kinky, then teases him with her perfect pink Goddess pussy. Goddess Penny gets him all worked up, then bends over and tells him that bitch boys start at the bottom and to get his tongue in her ass. Goddess Penny rides the cowboy’s face, grinding her ass on his head, smothering him until she reaches orgasm and then tells the cowboy that his weekend is just beginning. Goddess Penny Nicols starts to rub her pussy moaning and telling him how wet she is. Then she straps this cowboy up with a chindo and rides his face hard and fast reaching multiple orgasms and using him as her personal pleasure slut,making him completely serve her and do whatever she says. Ride em Cowboy, Yee-haaaaa! Goddess Penny Nichols straddles her cowboy ready to use his dick, then notices how tiny it is. She even grabs a ruler to measure his dicklette: 2″ inches! This tiny little pin prick dick will never do the job of pleasing a Goddess. Goddess Penny pulls out her 10″ inch purple dildo and tells the cowboy to open his mouth to lube up her toy. She uses the vibrator right next to his tiny cock to humiliate him while she laughs and gets off. She even grabs his tiny slut stick with her 2 fingers and jerks him off as she reaches orgasm then shoves the dildo back in his mouth, just so he can taste her pussy. Goddess Penny Nicols has teased her new cowboy cuck with her wet pink pussy and jerked off his 2″ inch dicklette and made him fill a glass with his own cum. Not just once, she makes him spit it out 3 times and eat it all over again. He needs to learn to love the taste of cum because she has new job for him. She straps heself up with a 12″ inch dildo and tells him it’s time to learn how to suck a dick properly so he can go out and find well endowed men to please her, and she is making him her blow job whore. Goddess Penny Nicols is going to show this cucky cowboy how to ride her cock. She bends the bitch over and starts riding him like a bucking bronco. Just how long can she stay on Tobys cucky slut ass? She pounds him hard like a wild stallion while he bites the pillow as Goddess Penny thrusts her big hard strap-on cock right up this Cowboys poop shoot! He thanks Miss Penny for the ride as he hobbles out the door when she gives him one more smack on the ass.

File Name : 11___sh_s798_pennvie
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 1.39 GB
Duration: 00:29:53
Video: AVC, 1280 x 720, 30.000 FPS, 6500 kb/s
Audio: AAC, 2 channels, 128 kb/s

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