FemdomShed - Bratty Princess - Small Penis Embarrassment, with my boyfriends condom in your mouth

Added: 04-11-2015

Princess is proud to show the slave how much cum her boyfriend managed to leave into the condom he used while fucking her last night. She tells the slave how much of a real man her boyfriend is compared with him. She tells the slave to remove his underwear so she can see how useless and pathetic his little cock is. The slave stands before the Princess dominated naked while she is clothed and insulting his tiny manhood. She explains that his cock wouldn't give her any satisfaction whatsoever and that he wouldn't even know what to do with her. Princess lights a cigarette and relaxes while degrading her slave, she gives him the condom to hold next to his dick and compares the difference. She has fun laughing at his man titties and his pathetic body. The slave is so embarrassed that his dick actually shrinks even smaller than usual. Princess tells the slave to hold the condom in his mouth between his teeth as she smokes and degrades him. Princess tells the slave how funny her boyfriend finds it when she tells him what she pushes the slave to do with his used condoms. Princess finishes her embarrassment by telling the slave to open his mouth as she pours the cum from the condom down his throat. The slave has Princess's cum dripping down his chin and neck and Princess even makes him lick the cum off her fingers.

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