The Mean Girls - Princess Beverly - Slaves Can Eat Dirt (1080 HD)

Added: 23-02-2018

Princess Beverly enters the kitchen and see how the slave just wants to get some “real food” to eat from the fridge. Of course this is not allowed. With powerful whips n violent face slaps you punish the slaves for his misconduct while u also spitting into his mouth and face.

Then u tell the slave that if he wants “food”, it be scraps from you and your friends previous meals that are IN THE GARBAGE CAN! There is a lot of verbal abuse and face slaps to the slave.

You make the slave pull some old scraps out of the garbage can and you lead him out into the garden with a leash attached to his collar. The slave has to stop and must kneel down and watch as you pour the leftovers on wet, muddy soil. You grab his hair and press his head relentlessly into the now mud covered leftovers. With your boot on the back of his head, you command the slave to start eating his “real food”.

While he eats he has to show you his face now and then before you push it back into the leftovers with your boot. Next you allow the slave the privilege of eating the mush from the soles of your boots. When he licks the mush from the soles, you spit right into his pathetic face.

***NOTE FROM PRINCESS BEVERLY: You can totally hear my friend “Miss T” off-camera laughing her ass off and mocking the fat-ass slave as we filmed this. It was her 1st time seeing me abuse my slaves and she thought it was fucking hilarious that I get to abuse these fucking losers and actually make $$$ off of THEIR suffering n humiliation!! Like, I explained to her that the more I make these idiots suffer and degraded them, the more $$$ I make! It really IS fucking hilarious when you think about it. If more women knew about this sh**tt, I swear they would all own slaves and do the same thing LOL.

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