The Mean Girls - Duchess Dani, Queen Quenzi - Leg Worship Duchess Danni (1080 HD)

Added: 23-05-2018

Duchess Danni knows exactly how to control and manipulate her slave. All she has to do is wear her shiny pants and the slave gets so excited he is like putty in her hands. He`ll do anything to get the chance to kiss n worship her sexy legs and ass. Duchess Dani knows this but to start with she teases the slave by only allowing him to kiss the bottom of her shoes. If the slave wants to kiss higher up her body like her legs n ass he`ll have to promise to serve her 1st by doing chores and spoiling her with gifts. Queen Quenzi is holding the slave by his leash and they decide to play a version of red light / green light with the slave. On green light the slave can kiss Duchess Dani’s legs and ass but on red light he has to immediately stop. Duchess Dani n Queen Quenzi have fun teasing the slave this way and laugh about what a desperate loser he is for Duchess Dani. When they decide he has been granted enough worship time Queen Quenzi has to literally drag the slave away from Duchess Dani’s legs. The slave tries to cling onto her not wanting to be away from her legs for even a minute.

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Duration: 00:11:34
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