CruelCity - Mistress Olivia - Decorates Her Slave`s Flesh with Needles!

Added: 15-06-2018

Dommes Olivia`s slave knows he`s in trouble as he watches her pull on a pair of surgical gloves while standing in front of table full of medical supplies. She`s secured him to a wall, rendering him completely defenseless, and hums a demented tune as she wipes his back clean with rubbing alcohol. Reaching for her bowl of medical needles, she begins sticking them into his back, piercing his flesh one after another until he`s completely decorated with them. How many can you count? These are 23-gauge needles, meaning he definitely feels each one as it penetrates his skin. Every needle feels like a bee sting, but he handles the pain as best he can, squirming in agony while trying not to cry out. He`s ready for this ordeal to be over and done with, but Mistress Olivia`s just getting started! Minutes surely seem like hours for this slave as his mistress uses his body as a human pin cushion. The needles hurt going in, but they hurt just as much coming out! He groans in misery as she quickly pulls them out of his flesh and examines the tiny wounds they`ve left behind. His crimson life force is leaking everywhere and Dommes Olivia uses it to finger paint a design on his back before licking her fingers clean like a vampire!

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