Raquel Roper - Knock and Get Fucked Pt. 1

Added: 02-07-2018

After a wild night of partying I stumbled into my home and on the couch, day light creeping in through the windows but my heavy eye lids allowing for sleep. However my rest doesn't last long as I'm stirred by a rapid knock at the door. On the other side is Alrik, a young promising pastor who wishes to spread the word at a very unholy hour. However, he doesn't wake me; just causes me to move about in my sleep. The knock occurs again, louder, and I curse under my breath at the sound and sleep takes hold of me once more. The third time, Alrik knocks so hard that it pushes open the unlocked door and he welcomes himself in. A mistake he will find himself regretting. I shriek in my intruders direction, but slowly change my tune as I see that he is merely a harmless fly; an annoyance gripping at a bible. A wild idea enters my sadistic mind as I allow him to sit on my couch and begin to give his spiel, offering to go to the kitchen and grab him something to drink as his throat must be parched from bullshit spilling from it. Spiking it with a little something to silence him, I watch with a wicked smile as he gulps it down and slowly finds himself drifting as I had been trying to on the sofa. When he awakens, he enters into a nightmare. His ankles cuffed, mouth stuffed with a ball-bag, and his neck and wrists shackled by a steel stockade. That pure virgin cock of his stuffed behind a plastic prison. He squirms, attempting to fight my bondage with wide eyes as I approach. I'm going to enjoy every minute of toying with him. Squeezing his full balls, clawing up his toned muscular body. My tongue flicks across the cage and my fingers poke at the skin leaking through as his cock tries to grow rock hard. This promising pastor as no idea what kind of trouble he's gotten himself in with knocking at my door. This is only the beginning...

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