FemdomShed - Bratty Princess - My boyfriend has left you a surprise in the freezer, his frozen cum!

Added: 10-12-2015

Bratty Princess tells the slave that her boyfriend has left him a surprise in the freezer, (a frozen condom that he used whilst fucking her last night) She tells the slave to go into the kitchen and take the cum filled used condom out of the freezer and bring it back into the room. Princess tells the slave to put the frozen condom into his mouth and hold it there until the cum inside is defrosted. While the slave is knelt before the Princess she laughs and degrades him for having a used condom in his mouth, she asks him if he can taste her pussy juices on the condom? She explains to him as he sucks on the condom that her boyfriend is a real man unlike him. Once the frozen cum has defrosted inside the slaves mouth she orders him to chew a hole through the condom and suck all the cum out of it. The slave does so despite his dislike and the Princess finds it hilarious. She laughs and degrades him as her boyfriends cum is dripping down his throat!

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File Size : 98.3 MB
Duration : 7min 38s
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