Сlubstiletto - Miss XI - Do My Stilettos And Feet Make You Weak In The Knees And Hard In The Pants

Added: 30-07-2018

Miss Xi is tormenting you with her amazing red and black stilettos, using her other slave as a stool. The sharp stilettos are at least 7” in length. She orders you to lick and suck the stiletto and laughingly says that if you’re an ass man you are close enough that you can smell her slaves ass at the same time, if you want. “Do a good job or I’ll stick the stiletto up his ass and make you like it clean” she says. She also tells you not to scuff them saying the shoes are worth more than you. “Mind you, you’re not worth anything so maybe that’s a bad comparison.”

Now Xi dangles one of the shoes from her foot. The camera moves in so you get a nice close up view between her shoe and nylon clad foot. Finally she has her dumb slave get up and remove the shoe. Now xi has the slave move back to sniff her shoe while she turns her attention back to you. She dangles the other shoe and calls you in close to sniff. She then sticks the stiletto in her slaves mouth and makes him hold it in her mouth. She sends him off to the corner and now rubs her pantyhose covered feet into your face, telling you to sniff them, lick them and suck them. Now you are to give her a foot massage. “I’m going to work you until your hands are so sore they are ready to fall off” she tells you, adding “do it right or I’ll turn you into a foot stool like that other slave.”

File Name : 11___lmf-do-my-stilettnts
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