The Mean Girls - Goddess Platinum, Princess Beverly - Sadistic Sandbag Punishment (1080 HD)

Added: 03-08-2018

This is a BRUTAL clip. But a slave-fan of Ours paid a lot of $$$ for it, soo…we were happy to brutally punish one of our slaves to exhaustion so we can make a ton of $$$ off its suffering! HAHA!! That is what Mean Girls is all about! Slaves SUFFER so that WE profit!
Me and the newest Mean-Girl, Goddess Platinum, are casually relaxing while I explain to her the “deal” for this fun little game we`re going to play with the slave. (Well, fun for US- not so much for the slave!) We`re going to casually relax while we make this faggot literally CRAWL on its KNEES with a heavy sandbag over its head! And as if that isn’t bad enough, we have an industrial-level ballshocker attached to its balls so that if it DARES to drop that bag at ANY point – BUZZZZZ!!!! HAHAHA.
Yeah that may not sound tooo bad, but after a minute or 2 of crawling like a bitch for us, its knees are already bleeeeding and leaving “little red spots” all over the floor where it is crawling in front of us. And that bag really begins to get lower and lower, until…BUZZ! Haha that bag gets raised back up QUICK when you send high voltage to this losers nuts!!
We tried to use our strongest slave for this. (We literally keep this one injected with steroids to make it as strong as possible for us – you can even see where we injected its ass earlier! Haha.) But even this beast couldn’t keep doing this forever. Eventually the bag is dropped, and every time it does…BUZZ! We don’t even have this shocker on the top setting yet and this bitch is still jumping to get that sandbag back up when we give its nuts some “juice”!
But we want MORE! We want to make it even HARDER for this pathetic fuck. We want to make it MISERABLE so our slave-fan is happy and pays us even MORE! I make it pick up the heavy ROCK underneath my feet and carry THAT above its head for us! Haha! BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ!!! We shock it every time it is dropped- and it is picked back up IMMEDIATELY!
But it is STILL not enough for us! Platinum decides she wants to make it lift up the fucking BOULDER that she is resting her feet on! (OMG I think I love her! LOL! We are both sooo sadistic!) The slave literally starts crying at our feet at this point! But…BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ!! You better believe that boulder gets lifted! Now CRAWL for us with it high over your head, bitch!!! Haha! And it does…leaving red “spots” on the floor wherever its ripped open knees touch…
And all of this just for OUR entertainment and profit! The pathetic meat-head slave DESERVES it, as far as we`re concerned…just for being a stupid, pathetic male. Oh, and we STILL aren’t done with it yet by the way!! But you will need to see the video to see what else we put it through to satisfy our sadistic entertainment…

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