Brat Princess 2 - Amber, Skylar - Brat TV on Trend Slaves (1080 HD)

Added: 11-08-2018

Thank you for tuning in to Brat Princess TV on cable channel 58! Today, Princess Amber (of The Mean Girls) is going to be reviewing this season’s hottest trends! Right now, the biggest trend? Male slaves! Skylar (also of The Mean Girls) introduces her male slave and goes over what it’s like to have one. Every girl wants a male slave right now, they are such a hot item. Skylar shows off how her male slave wears a collar and leash, and she’s even taught it to do tricks! For girls who want male slaves of their own, Skylar gives us some pointers on how to go about collecting and maintaining slaves. We even get some tips on how to get maximum use out of male slaves, once you acquire some. Girls, if you aren’t too sure about jumping on this season’s male slave trend, you will definitely want to go out and get one or more of your own after watching this installment of Brat TV on channel 58!

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