Brat Princess 2 - Chloe - Get Hornier for Me Chastity Boy (1080 HD)

Added: 18-03-2019

1080 HD Chloe’s slave has been in chastity so long. It doesn’t think it can get any hornier. But it’s wrong. Chloe knows that her chastity boy can get even hornier for her. In fact, her chastity dummy shouldn’t even be thinking at all. Chloe is the smarter one. She should be the one that does the thinking. Chloe knows what’s best. And she thinks that her slave can get a lot hornier. Chloe explains when a chastity boy sees a sexy girl its body thinks it’s going to have sex. It’s a natural reaction to seeing a pretty, young girl. But Chloe explains that the chastity boy’s body is wrong. He will never get sex. Chloe makes the slave acknowledge and admit that he will never have sex with a girl again.
Then, Chloe makes her chastity slave kiss her ass. She wants to prove him wrong again. She knows that her beta loser can get even hornier for her. Chloe presses her ass right up against her boy’s chastity device. His little penis strains the cage. He is bursting from the tube’s sides. Chloe was right. His body can get even hornier. Chloe explains that real men get sex and real men get to cum. She tells the chastity slave about some great sex she’s been having with her boyfriend. The slave leaks precum. Chloe calls that “chastity tears!” His little penis is so sad, it’s crying! Chloe laughs. She wants her chastity slave to kiss where her boyfriend gets to fuck her. The slave kisses, but Chloe gets mad. Her chastity boy isn’t perfect. He’s got a lot of room for improvement. Next, as part of his training, Chloe wants to violate his wallet.

File Name : 11___BratPrincess2ChloeGetHorniing
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 990 MB
Duration: 00:13:31
Video: AVC, 1920 x 1080, 23.976 FPS, 10.0 Mb/s
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