Young Goddess Kim - The Vampire Queen’s Captive

Added: 13-12-2019

The Dark Vampire Queen uses mortal men as slaves to Her desires. At first a captive, the kneeling male is now Her totally devoted servant. Being Her inferior servant, his mind and soul belong to Her. As you watch Her enter and position his head between Her legs, you feel aroused, seeing him content with his place. Being ordered to worship Her boots as She stares at you smiling- you are Her fresh captive tightly chained up naked and ready for Her. She sees your cock grow as She uses Her servant, She knows that you can’t help but wish to be in his position. It is only natural for you mortal men to long and lust for the dark desires of the Vampire Queen. you know not to look into Her eyes, try to look away from Her body, Her face, to resist Her enchanting seduction. As you struggle in your chains and in your mind, its not long before She has your rushing to your cock, growing bigger than you have ever seen it, only through Her powers. The bigger it grows, the thirstier She becomes. One gaze into Her deep hypnotc eyes and your soul is Hers, mortal. Once She has tasted your sacrifice, She will keep you in Her chains until you are completely drained. Day after day She and Her Vampire sisters will have the rush to your cock until the very last drop.

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