HumiliationPOV - Goddess Bella Park - Buy Another Clip Idiot, Jerk Your Braincells Out While You Go Broke

Added: 17-12-2019

You just couldn’t resist buying this clip, could you? When you see a hot girl on your screen you just have to buy it. Your cock just gets so hard, doesn’t it? Yes, you just love jerking it to mean girls. Girls that don’t know who you are. Girls that don’t give a fuck about you. Yet you still jerk it to them. You can’t stop jerking to hot young brats who just fuck your mind up with their bodies. You just get so stupid, don’t you? You’re so pathetic.
As soon as you take your cock in your hand, your mind just empties out, you get so dumb. Once you start stroking you turn into a complete fucking idiot. I’ll bet your cock is in your hand right now, just stroking yourself without any other thought in your mind. You can’t think once you start stroking. You can’t even take your eyes off of the screen, can you? Just jerking it like you’re programmed to do. You can’t think, you’re too stupid to think once you start stroking.
Just keep jerking it idiot and do what you do best, get completely fucking dumb. All you need is a hot brat on your screen to help you jerk that dick, isn’t that right? You need these videos to get off, I mean when is the last time you got off without one? Go on idiot, stroke it some more. Stroke that dumb cock, get stupid for bratty girls. You need a hot girl on your screen telling you how to jerk that useless thing.
You spend all of your free time binging on clips, jerking away at that dick without any other thought in that stupid little brain of yours. You love it when a hot brat controls your strokes and your mind just with her body. Your life is completely controlled by hot brats, isn’t it? We’re all you can think about. And we don’t give a fuck about you. This is all that you need, you don’t need a wife or a gf or a social life, you just need to jerk it to us every single night.
Keep jerking it idiot. I know you can’t stop. Binge and and jerk and go broke the brats who control your mind. Stroke it until there’s nothing left in your brain. You’re going to jerk yourself stupid, aren’t you? Good boy. It feels so fucking good, you can’t stop even though you know you’re fucking up your life. Nothing feels better than going braind3@d.
You have nothing else in your life except for this addiction. Don’t stop idiot, keep jerking out those brain cells while you spend your entire paycheck. I want you to go braind3@d and broke. Braind3@d and broke. Say it. LOL! And you’re not going to cum are you? No you don’t want to cum, then it all ends. You’re just going to buy more clips, aren’t you? Of course you are, you know your pattern. I know your pattern. It’s the same for all of you. Spend more, jerk more, go completely dumb and broke, idiot.
– Goddess Bella Park –

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