THE MEAN GIRLS CLUB - Princess Ashley, Princess Chanel - Fishing for Fags

Added: 05-03-2020

Princess Ashley and Princess Chanel believe their slaves are faggots who were born to suck on cocks. To prove it they have come up with a game to see just how gay their slaves can be. The slaves are put in handcuffs and forced to kneel while the Princesses sit above them holding fishing poles with hotdogs on them. They ask the slaves if they are ready to suck some cock and when they hesitate to answer they are forced to say out loud that they love cock. The Princesses begin “fishing for fags” by casting the hotdogs toward their slave’s faces telling them to try and catch it with their mouths. The hotdogs are dangling on the fishing line and being moved back and forth and up and down by the Princesses so the slaves are forced to chase after them with open mouths causing the Princesses to laugh out loud at how gay they look. “Oh he almost got it! It looks like he really wants it in his mouth!” When the slaves finally do catch the hotdogs they are told to suck on them the same way they like to suck on cocks. “Get it further down put your head back and deep throat it! Suck it harder! Moan when you suck it! Don’t act like you don’t like sucking cock because we know you do!”

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