The Mean Girls - Princess Amber, Queen Grace - Ballshocking For Dollars (1080 HD)

Added: 16-04-2020

I am explaining to Grace how slaves really only have 1 purpose in life- to make US money!!! And we should always be conditioning them to realize that is the reality of their existence. This concept needs to be literally beaten into their brains constantly. They are NOT “human” to us. they are simply PROPERTY that we use and exploit to MAKE US $$$!

I tell Grace that I have a great game that I play with my slaves to reinforce this into their tiny little male brains. She wants to see it, so I set it up for her.

Soon we have our respective slaves at our feet, and we tell the losers right to their faces that their only purpose in life is to FETCH US MONEY!! And we are going to put them through a humiliating task to drill it into their tiny little brains that the ONLY thing they are good for is to BRING US MONEY.

I spread a pile of cash out on the floor on other side of room, using a few thousand dollars that a slave brought me for a tribute the day before.

Then we send our designated slave scurrying over on all fours and bring us 1 bill at a time in its TEETH. After each $100 bill it is allowed a kiss on its Goddess’s foot. Then it is commanded to “FETCH MORE MONEY!!!” These poor old losers are just scurrying back & forth as quickly as they can to fetch us as much $$$ as they can in their teeth like dawwgs for us LOL.

After a few minutes though, Grace is perplexed as to why my slave is moving SO much faster than hers and bringing me sooo much more $$$? I laugh and admit to her that I have a ballshocker attached to its balls, so it is “extra motivated ” to bring me as much money as quickly as possible!!

After she sees the ballshocker attached to my slave’s balls, Grace wants one attached to HER slave too!!! (So it will fetch HER more money as quickly as possible too!)

After her slave is “electrified”- we both go to town, just having fun shocking our slave’s testicles and laughing our asses off as these pathetic old fools CRAWL as fast as they can to bring their “Princess Owners” $$$ in their teeth like well-trained dawggs!!

We even have a “special surprise” at the end for the winners and losers!!

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