The Mean Girls - Princess Amber - Humiliated And Henpecked (4K)

Added: 17-04-2020

A fat rich guy is watching the game down in his “man cave” with buddies, and shows them a picture of his new wife that he just married in a rather sudden, private ceremony. His buddies are amazed at how he got such hot, young wife! They compliment him on being so lucky and wonder how he did it. In response, he starts bragging about how he just “puts her in her place” and that he calls the shots in their relationship.

Then his super hot young wife actually comes downstairs- WAY earlier than her husband was expecting her to be home! He didn’t think his buddies would actually MEET her! She begins YELLING at him right in front of all of his friends!

In a matter of minutes, this cocky, chauvinist braggart is suddenly ON HIS KNEES and literally BEGGING his new young wife- right in front of his friends! They are all in shock, seeing their friend that was just bragging a moment ago about how he is “the boss” at home, now suddenly groveling before his wife who is literally less than half his age!

She yells at him about how his friends are being too loud, they are making a mess, and then mentions- DIVORCE. She COMMANDS him to KISS HER FEET and BEG her not to leave him if he wants her to not leave him and take EVERYTHING in the divorce! And to his friends’ astonishment, he DOES it! He is literally KISSING HER FEET while she looks down at him with a smug look on her face of disdain and immense POWER.

At first, his buddies are disgusted. But she is just SOOO beautiful…and the way she commands the room with her beauty as soon as she walks in… Soon, one of the fat man’s friends caves, and slowly slips off of the couch, and sinks to his knees before her. He begins to grovel for her as well, trying to earn her forgiveness and approval- and she obviously relishes in this. Then another of the fat rich man’s friends gives in to the peer pressure and sinks to his knees and begins BEGGING for her forgiveness as well!!

Eventually, even the most ardent of the chauvenist pigs on the couch gives in to her beauty, and ALL of them are on their knees, grovelling at the feet of this beautiful, powerful 19-year-old Domestic Goddess! All of these men are 2 or 3 times her age, and they are begging like DAWWGS for a 19 year old spoiled brat!

Then she begins abusing her power, making them perform like FOOLS for her just so she can LAUGH at them…and they will apparently do literally ANYTHING she says at the snap of her fingers just to amuse her and earn her approval….

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