The Mean Girls - Mistress Tiffany, Goddess Platinum - Dawg Food Or Dye (1080 HD)

Added: 07-05-2020

Goddess Platinum invites me over to the Mean Girl Manor as an Honorary Guest quite often, and I love it. I get to come over, abuse the MG slaves and then get on with my regular life.

When I was over at the Mean Girls desert compound I asked Goddess Platinum…”Where is that annoying bald slave?”.

He’s usually running around doing everything he can for us. Goddess Platinum just started laughing. Once she finally stopped laughing she informed me that she completely forgot about that loser since the last time I was over. We locked it in the little hole under the stairs….and just left it…hahaha.

We figured that we should probably go see if it was still alive and if it was we would bring it a little treat…lol. We dug through the cabinets to find the most disgusting thing we could. And then we spotted it! Perfect! A can of D.O.G. food! See how nice we can be! Once we go check to make sure its alive we are going to give it a great big can of meaty, juicy and slimy D.O.G. food.

We made our way down to the hole under the stairs and OMG it was still alive! We couldn’t believe it. So you know what that means! Yum yum! Time to eat.

After verbally abusing the pathetic freak for a while…slapping it, spitting on it, kicking it. We forced the yummy treat down its throat. Anything it threw up we shoved right back in….no wasting! MmMmMm

We informed this slave that it better enjoy every moist morsel of this delicious treat because I don’t know when the next time it will eat again…if ever!

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