Brat Princess 2 - Nika, Sadie - Nika brings her Mutt to Arbitration Complete (4K)

Added: 08-07-2020

4K Ultra HD Nika brings her beta, ‘mutt,’ to Sadie for an arbitration. Nika and mutt have been having some disputes. Sadie reads the grievance airing. Nika wants fifty percent of mutt’s pay, tighter chastity, and yearly release. She would also like to legally change his name to ‘mutt.’ Mutt disagrees with Nika’s terms. He also really objects to being called ‘mutt.’

Mutt is offering forty percent of his pay. He wants to remain in the same size chastity, and he would like a release every other month. He also wants a better name. Nika disagrees. She thinks that only wanting fifty percent of his pay is generous. She knows some girls that take seventy or eighty percent. A beta expecting a release every other month is just absurd to Nika. She thinks ‘mutt’ suits him just fine.

Sadie goes through each grievance line by line. The first is pay. Nika wants fifty percent but mutt is offering just forty. Mutt must give Sadie a statement to justify the forty percent. Mutt testifies that if he were to give Nika more than forty percent he wouldn’t have money left for food. Nika yells at mutt. Sadie calmly reviews her papers and finds that mutt is eating out of a bowl on the floor and his current feeding budget is just eighteen dollars a month for a bag of kibble. Surely the cost of his food is not a real concern for mutt.

They move on to discussing the grievance of chastity size. Sadie asks mutt why he wants to keep his chastity size the same. Mutt responds that his chastity already feels tight. Sadie moves the process along to discussing the release schedule. Mutt wants a release every other month. He argues that it’s ‘just healthy.’ Nika gets upset and has an outburst. Sadie asks mutt to clarify what he means by ‘just healthy.’ Mutt says that he feels that he works hard and deserves a release once in a while.

Nika tells mutt that he does not deserve anything. She thinks that he is being very whiny and entitled. Nika thinks that his chastity has too much room. The extra space just causes chafing and makes him extra-whiny. Tighter chastity will help him focus on serving. She also does not have time for a seasonal release. Nika has a lot of betas plus her Alpha. She just doesn’t have the time to grant them all seasonal release. Once a year works better for her schedule.

Sadie asks mutt why he would like to change his name. Mutt answers that people usually have a first and a last name. Having just the one name is dehumanizing. Nika argues that mutt does not deserve basic human rights. He doesn’t deserve a real name.

After the statements have been heard Sadie makes her decision. Sadie orders mutt to pay Nika sixty percent of his pay. She has added a ten percent penalty because mutt has displayed such poor behavior in arbitration. In regard to chastity Sadie has decided that mutt will stay in his current chastity for one more month, after which he will need to size down into smaller. Sadie finds in mutt’s favor for chastity release and does grant him seasonal instead of yearly based on the grounds of health. Sadie suggests, however that Nika file an appeal before the next seasonal release is to occur. Sadie also decides to give mutt a second name. Nika has an outburst. “How is this fair?!” Sadie says that he should have a first and last name, but that said, no one is ordering that the second name has to be a good one. Nika considers ‘pathetic mutt.’ She’s ok with that concession.

Sadie has other arbitrations to hear. She orders mutt to worship Nika’s feet and then heads out to start on the paperwork. Nika sits back and has pathetic mutt remove her shoes. She gloats over her wins while pathetic mutt worships her feet. While pathetic mutt licks her perfect, cute, soles she reminds him that things could actually get much worse for him. Just wait until she files the appeal.

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