Goddess Natalie - Fattening my piggy for the holidays

Added: 02-01-2021

Although I am really Austrian, I was born in Romania and know a little bit about the traditions for Xmas around here! I also heard about this little thing they do, where they fatten up the pig before Christmas, just to chop it up and turn it into sausages and other yummy stuff meat-eaters enjoy!
I am vegetarian since 6 years now and love it, but I gotta say I admire the Romanian people’s dedication to making such gorgeous pork treats. And although Xmas is already gone, the holidays aren’t over yet, so there’s still time to fatten my own pig up, don’t you think?
There’s at least some time left before New Year’s Eve, so maybe I can get him to be chubby enough to execute haha ? And since I’m an amazing cook, on top of everything…how could I not use that against him! I know he’s never gonna be able to say no to chocolate mousse made by my Goddess hands!
And you won’t be able to say no to it either, so go ahead and get lots of sweets – some chocolate, candy, nutella and some gingerbread, too. And I’m gonna want you to eat it all for me while I feed this little pet! Chop chop!
Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Goddess Natalie, Natalie, Overeating, Face Stuffing, Instructional, Eating, Role Play, Fat, Piggy, Humiliation, Degradation
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