Brat Princess 2 - Nika Venom, Princess Amber, Jackie, Kaylie - 3 Month Chastity Blue Ball Party (4K)

Added: 18-01-2021

Blue Ball Parties are an integral part of any robust chastity regimen. Both keyholder and beta need milestones and celebrations to help ensure long term chastity success. A keyholder who locks and forgets is not exploiting her simp as much as possible. The beta who has nothing to look forward to is not as exploitable than one who is given milestones. 3 months in chastity can be difficult for a new simp or beta. A young simp less than 25 will struggle in chastity for 3 straight months. A party can redirect the simps attention from his swollen aching balls, to his keyholder’s happiness. A blue ball party consists of gift exchange for keyholder. The beta gives a letter to keyholder begging for release. The beta makes his case for chastity relief. The beta then showers his keyholder with gifts to celebrate her exploitation of it. The keyholder than decides if she will allow release or to “Blue Ball” or deny her beta again. In this clip the girls have an amazing time at the blue ball party. Nika is impressed by how much beta has given to gain release. In the end she needs to think of herself. What makes her happy? How can I exploit beta more to better herself now and in the future? Nika chooses to blue ball her simp and all her girlfriends are incredibly happy with her decision. Two blue balloons are tied to the testicles of her simp to indicate her choice to blue ball him. The clip also shows some pictures from the party and has some audio and video inserts added to make it more convincing for an unsure simp to watch. Financial domination is natural, healthy and necessary for a simp. The beta is humiliated, rinsed, and blue balled. Complete power exchange!
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