Brat Princess 2 - Amber, Lexi - Humiliate an Old Loser Complete (4K)

Added: 18-01-2021

4K Ultra HD Lexi is having a hard time getting her old beta male to sign its debt contract. She and Amber play an edging game with the stupid old man to damage his brain further in hopes that he will eventually be dumb enough to sign. The girls tease the old fool with their bodies and make him stroke when they say. When the old fool doesn’t listen well enough the girls slap him in its face. The girls write insults on the idiot’s body. Girls hate him and only want his money. The girls change outfits to make him even hornier. The male cannot resist shiny. The girls edge the male for more than 20 minutes. The old man eventually breaks down and signs. The girl’s promise the old fool an orgasm after he signs. The idiot gets very excited, but of course, Amber and Lexi trick the beta and lock him right back into chastity. The girls now have the beta in $40,000 of debt and it doesn’t even get to cum! The girls take humiliating photos of the old simp. They send the photos to their boyfriends so that they can laugh at him, too. They got all the old man’s money and he just wanted one orgasm. His life sucks so much!
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