American Mean Girls - Goddess Draya, Goddess Owner - Cucks-R-Us

Added: 16-03-2021

Goddess Draya is shopping for a new slave. 
Specifically, she wants a cuck-slave this time because she is getting pretty serious with her boyfriend, and she wants a slave that will serve the 2 of them hand and foot as a couple whenever they are together, withOUT any hesitation. It should literally be a MINDLESS servant. And some slaves are just so terrible at serving other males, even when they are COMMANDED to point-blank by their Goddess Owner! It can be so embarrassing when you are with a hot Alpha guy and you just want show off the betas that you have at your command (just for like, entertainment for you & your man) and the inferior betas are like so hesitant just to bow down and kiss the feet of their Alpha Masters. Like, Draya wants INSTANT obedience!! 
Also, Draya hates how fat, ugly, and gross most of her slaves are. Like, they do whatever she says for the most part and worship her as the Divine Being she is, but...they are just sooo gross. So she is looking for an "upgrade" and heard about Princess Amber's new store: "Cucks R Us"! She heard they have a decent selection of 100% OBEDIENT, well-trained, mindless drone-slaves and a lot of the other Findoms and Femdom Princesses are buying their personal live-in slaves there now.
Amber shows Draya a new model she has been working on. It is a "formerly Alpha" male that is getting old and has now been retrained to SERVE & OBEY MINDLESSLY. Amber also explains that it can literally be kept in a closet or small crawlspace for DAYS or even WEEKS if you aren't using it, just like you would store any other household "thing" that you own. It does not know how to complain. And if it "expires" within 30 days, she can return its carcass for a replacement. Amber tells Draya that this formerly Alpha male has literally had its brain "re-wired" into a beta brain, using electro-shock therapy. Amber puts on a show for Draya. The slave is commanded to do whatever Draya says at the snap of her fingers. 
It BOWS DOWN to its Superiors at the snap of fingers
It kisses her feet. 
It licks her shoes. 
It crawls and barks like a pet (it has NO pride or self-respect left! It has all been "wiped clean"!)
Amber and Draya take turns spitting right in its face and saying the meanest things possible directly to it- and the slave just takes it and THANKS them, as it has been trained to!
Amber even shows off how it has been trained to "presents its balls" for kicking at the snap of her fingers! Draya tests them out. The slave mindlessly THANKS her after each kick to its balls like a broken, trained zombie!
Then they discuss the "cucking" aspects of the slave's training and uses. Amber explains that this was hard because this slave was not gay, and its electro-shock therapy training is not 100% complete yet. So it will need to be fitted with an extra electronic device for a small upcharge. Amber attaches the electronic device to the slaves testicles so she can demonstrate how it works for Draya. Basically, if the slave hesitates to do ANYTHING either her or her BOYFRIEND command it to do, an agonizing electric shock can be sent directly to its testicles at the push of a button- and the slave WILL do whatever you command at that point. It will suck her boyfriend's cock if she tells it to!
They test it with the ultimate question of obedience...Draya wants to know if she can "rent this motherfucker out" to suck cock 24/7 on streetcorners or whatever it takes to earn her back the $$$ spent on it! At the push of a button, she has her answer! The slave is groveling at her feet, BEGGING to do WHATEVER she commands- anything to get the electricity to its balls turned off!
To "seal the deal" Amber goes on to explain that, for no extra charge, if she purchases this cuck-slave, the electro-shock device can be surgically implanted INSIDE the cuck's scrotum and hardwired directly to its testicles so it can NEVER be removed without the cuck literally ripping its own testicles out!
And the thought of that just makes them both laugh hysterically!!

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