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Added: 31-03-2021

Introducing the sublime Goddess Aurora! She is a fitness fanatic and has just come back from a long workout; She's completely covered in sweat and feels dirty as well because She didn' t have chance to shower that morning, fucked Her boyfriend all night the night before and spent the night at his house so She's wearing the same outfit also. She is just getting home and can't wait to take a nice hot shower!
But She gets a surprise call from Her bestie, a Female Supremacist and male slave trainer, who has sent over one of Her pet slaves for Goddess Aurora to make use of. She wants to convince Her to own a male of Her own, as She's long known that men were inferior and should serve Women but was raised in a religious household and is just recently started to awaken. The slave is in a latex hood with mobile camera for remote monitoring from his Owner, bondage mittens and a collar. She skates in talking on Her phone to the friend:
"Yes, IT is here and it brought a leash. Put that on it? Ok. I can use for anything? Geez, I dunno...right now? Oh, I just really want to take a shower, I stink, I'm covered in sweat, filled with cum from Jason....WHAT? You can make him do that? Really....OK!"
She says goodbye and puts the phone down, skating back to the slave who is sitting motionless, following orders. But Her friend has given Her and understanding of the basic commands and She wants a tongue bath.
"She just said to point and it would lick. SLAVE! LICK!"
She points to Her sexy, flat stomach, which is dripping with sweat. The slave doesn't hesitate a second, sticking out its tongue long and flat and starts lapping away at the sweat like an ice cream cone. She starts giggling with delight, the tongue-tickling Her delicate skin. But She clearly is enjoying it and orders the slave to keep licking. Then She points to the small of Her back, then Her magnificent ass. She sticks it in his face, jutting out like a shelf, and puts both hands on each cheek:
"Lick right here, slave. Lick....lick.....lick here, missed a spot, slave. Lick up close to my crotch slave, and maybe you can get some of the dried cum from my boyfriend last night. Aren't you a lucky puppy?"
She has him lick all over her legs, up and down, back over Her stomach. She tells him She wants Her armpits cleaned. She lifts each arm up:
"Get in there and clean my pits slave." The slave licks and sucks each one, over and over. But She tells him:
"Suck each one harder! I can still smell them!"
Finally, She opens Her legs wide and tells the slave to clean the remaining sweat from Her inner thighs, then Her arms. Finally feeling clean, She decides to relax says:
And the slave of course assumes the position, Goddess Aurora props each roller skate on the back of the inferior and conquered male. She has been converted and will acquire a male slave.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Sweat Fetish, Point-And-Click, Licking, Pet Play, Workout, Young Mistress, Human Pet

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