Naughty Dragon Studios - Sophia Stone, Briella Jaden - Double Agent Doom

Added: 01-11-2016
Naughty Dragon Studios - Sophia Stone, Briella Jaden - Double Agent Doom

This is Sophia's first scene ever with another performer and easily her hottest executrix video yet!

Sophia Stone has been double-crossed and has learned that one of the agents is operating as a double. Making matters even worse, it is Sophia's own protege, Briella Jaden. An agent she nurtured, trained, and watched over. She is incensed with rage and fury.

Sophia learns that Briella is staying at a hotel on the outskirts of town. Once on site, Sophia stealthily slips into the room and hears the shower running. Her prey is involved and unsuspecting. This will be much easier than she expected.

Slowly opening the door, Sophia prepares to deliver a stunning blow. She reaches for the shower curtain and rips them open. There is no one in there! Instead, Sophia is attacked from behind the door. Briella must have sensed she was being stalked and set a trap. In the grips of a tight choke hold, Briella strains to choke out the would be assassin. The tables have turned in a way on Sophia. Just when it looks like this will spell the end of Sophia, she pushes back and slams Briella against the wall breaking her grip. Sophia spins around and holds Briella against the wall before she can escape.

Pinned against the wall, Sophia has the double crosser right where she wants her. Sophia has a mind to make Briella pay for her treacherous actions. Using her powerful arms, Sophia rips off Briella's top off to expose her tender breasts. Sophia hisses, “Oh, I’m gonna have a lot of fun with you.” Sophia’s mind is set on retribution and she will inflict excruciating pain upon Briella.

Sophia throws Briella on the bed and quickly straddles her. She begins to trace the tender torso with her d#@dly dragon ring, feeling the supple skin. “It’s a shame I’m going to have to waste my favorite toy,” she says to herself. Sophia taunts and teases, and t0rtur3$ poor Briella's delicate nipples while demanding answers.

Moving in and out of consciousness, Briella is shocked awake with the feeling of being caught in between Sophia’s powerful legs. Her ribs crack. Her spine is crushed. Briella begs for forgiveness, but to no avail. Sophia grabs Briella's head and buries it between her overflowing DD's, smothering Briella to the end.


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