Ludella Hahns Fetish Adventures - Ludella Hahn, Terra Mizu - Accidental Entrancement: Therapist Becomes a Puppet for Her Patients

Added: 02-07-2017

Clip Includes: Therapist Attempts hypnotherapy on a patient but ends up entrancing herself instead, Puppet, Stuck Up Therapist Turned Into Obedient Plaything, Magic Control, Transformation, Blank Stares, Mindless Stares, Stripping, Woman Following Orders, Female Training, Erotic Magic, Real Doll, Trance, Entranced, Boob Groping, Big Butt, Big Tits, Full Bush, Obedient Slave, Snapped out of Trance, Embarrassed and Humiliated, Put to Sleep, Limp, Posed on Couch Like a Ragdoll for all incoming patients to play with, Redhead, Ludella Hahn, Terra Mizu, Contains FULL NUDITY

Dr. Hahn is has a hard day ahead of her: a whole lineup of crazies...and next up is Terra Mizu, who is too high-strung for Ludella to want to deal with today, so she decides to try her new entrancement therapy on her. Of course, she hasn't exactly completed her training yet, but she figures that at the very least perhaps concentrating on the swinging pendulum will occupy Terra's attention for a large part of the session.

Of course it goes terribly wrong and Dr. Hahn ends up entrancing herself instead...which Terra is only too excited to take advantage of, as the very thing she was complaining about today was her feeling of a lack of control...and now she has FULL CONTROL over her therapist...her new puppet.

She starts small, first giving the cues for snapping and waving, so that she can easily put her to sleep or awaken her on command. She snaps the doctor awake and has her remove her glasses and let down her hair. Ludella obeys. Then, all too excited to test out the waters of making her strict doctor to humiliating things, she makes her dance around like a chicken, BAWKING and flapping around. Then she has her strip out of her blouse and skirt in a striptease style...before making her act like a monkey, jumping around on her furniture and everything!

The doctor obeys everything, which encourages Terra to push even further. She has Ludella strip completely naked! No more bra, no more pantyhose, no more panties. Then she has her get down on all fours and act like a , shaking her tail with her tongue sticking out. She has her little puppy do a few tricks before she snaps her back into awareness.

When the doctor realizes what's happened, she's humiliated, trying to cover herself and talk Terra down from her control high. "Now, Terra, you need to stop now. This isn't good for you...".

"I think it's great, Doc! I finally have all the control!" She waves her hand and the doctor falls limply to the floor, asleep. Terra positions her on the couch, completely vulnerable in her nudity and compliance, and she writes a note for all the incoming patients. "The Doctor is open to "suggestions." She will obey any command. Trust me, I tried. xoxo, Terra" Giggling, she leaves the note on the doctor so her whole lineup of patients can have all the fun they want with their new obedient slave.


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