Stacie's Favorite Exercise: Foot Jobs

Added: 22-06-2015

Description: Stacie Andrews and couple of friends are in another aerobics class with a new instructor. Stacie obviously is into him. She gives extra effort and it seems her tits and ass are especially out and ready for anything. The instructor has the girls stand and reach as close to the floor as they can get. From behind, all one can see is three pairs of beautiful ass cheeks concealed by tight exercise pants. The instructor checks on each girl, making sure they all have proper form. Or that's what we think he's doing. He's a bit close to each girl, his hands smoothing all over their bottoms, biting his lip when he gets a good hand full. Most women would complain and have him fired. Not these hotties, especially Stacie. She asks him what she can do to tone up her legs, which he gladly feels on. The best way to tone one's legs is indeed a rigorous foot job. The instructor will be happy to teach them how, even lending his own dick. All three girls are excited. He drops his pants and Stacie wraps her feet around his cock. She can definitely feel the burn in her legs as she strokes away. Her friends are watching, but don't want to exercise anymore. They're horny. As Stacie grasps the instructors meat with her feet, her friends take off her clothes, suck on her nipples, and making out with her feet. How things have turned during this aerobics session. We definitely don't mind.

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