Friday Fun Night

Added: 10-02-2015

You never know what will be going on at a house full of dominant women on a Friday night. But the screams indicate that a male is being tortured yet again. It could be because Lady Edyn is stepping on his cock and balls with her running shoes, something she likes to do to a bruised cock. Kate eventually comes downstairs because of all the ruckus and has to join in. After all, how can a cute young girl resist the chance to torture a grown man’s cock and balls? The girls are having so much fun they also call Kassondra to come down and join in on the torture, as the poor slaves cock and balls now have to endure under six different female feet

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Bruno from 11 May 2015 08:30
The sheer ineptitude of the KateBushMusic chennal on YouTube is staggering. They leaked the clip and then hand out community violation orders to those who propgate it. In several years of posting clips this had never happened to me before. Even a large major label associated with Bush once asked me to remove a clip (which I did) rather than adopt such a heavy handed approach. At the same time that people are profiting openly selling bootleg CD's and DVD's on Amazon it seems strange that it is fans who simply wanted to share a small clip get this treatment. At the moment I am simply disgusted with Kate Bush and her whole organisation. If the feeling does not pass soon that is one lost sale of Director's Cut.