HumiliationPOV Megan Foxx: Mocking You To A Painful, Pleasurable Orgasm

Added: 28-08-2015

You jerkoff all the time. You don’t deserve that much pleasure. So today when you jerkoff, your pleasure will be mixed with pain, but it will be pleasurable pain. You’re gonna look at me and masturbate and I’m gonna make your dick so hard. I’m going to show you exactly how to jerk it and how to hurt it. Oh and I’m going to mock the fuck out of you the whole time because you look so fucking stupid when you jerk off! LOL!

I know you’re addicted to me, to my dirty words, and how mean I am to you. You won’t be able to resist me. But you masturbate too much loser. So I want you to hurt that cock for me. Punish yourself like you deserve. Jerk it and hurt it. Pleasure and pain. The pain will knock you out of your jerkoff zombie state, lol.

Now jerk it slow. Don’t be so pathetic jerking off like a moron who has to cum in two seconds. I want you to enjoy it for a bit before I make you hurt it again, lol. Now a bit faster, I want you to watch me show you how fucking stupid you look while you jerk it. And you do look stupid! Now pay close attention, I’m going to give you some fun, creative ways to hurt it while you jerk it because that’s what chronic masturbators like you deserve. Maybe if you hurt it enough you won’t want to masturbate so much. Or maybe you’re one of those freaks who enjoys pain because you’re sick in the head.

And when you cum, I want you to hit your cock so that it’s painful. You don’t deserve to enjoy your orgasms. You’re so stupid, you’ll do anything I say just to get off.

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