HumiliationPOV Princess Miss London Lix: Forced Bi Mindfuck – Thoroughly Degrade Yourself

Added: 01-09-2015

Princess London Lix

Hi loser, are you ready to jerkoff for your Goddess? Of course you are, you’re permanently horny. You just can’t wait for your next fix. Well today the only way you’re going to get cum is while you’re looking at cock! That’s right, I’m going to make you worship cock for me today. And I don’t care whether you’re into it or not because I know that this attention from me is all that you really crave. I’m sure you’ve already done some fucked up $.h.!.t in order to cum. I want you to cum today feeling really fucking stupid, completely humiliated and degraded.

So start stroking your dick as I show you the first of many big cocks I’m going to show you today. Aren’t I so kind? Picking out nice big juicy cock for you to stroke to? You can pretend that you’re not into this whole forced bi humiliation thing, but I know the truth. You love jerking to big cocks while a hot girl like me mentally torments you. You’ve been spiraling down, seeking further humiliation, and now you find yourself stroking to cocks, just to humiliate yourself for me. You are deep in the throws of your addiction right now. Just look at all these big cocks, you’re so turned on.

How does it feel to be completely degraded as you’re jerking off? I’m right here, encouraging you to do it, and that’s what you crave you fucking loser. You don’t get attention from hot girls, so you have to come here and jerk to the most degrading thoughts, just for some fucking attention. You have to jerkoff to other men’s dicks, just for the opportunity to have me pay attention to you.

I’ll bet you’ve thought about sucking a cock you little freak. I’ll bet you’ve stuck big dildos up your ass. And if you have a toy, shove it up your ass, thoroughly degrade yourself. I want you completely disgusted with yourself as I continue to parade cock after cock after cock in front of you. What am I even doing to you right now? Am I completely mindfucking you? I’m turning you gay and you don’t even care because you’re a fucked up idiot for me right now. You feel so grateful that I’m even giving you my attention.

Look how hard your cock is while you jerkoff to cock for me. You’re not hard for me, it’s for cock, it’s what you’re being mindfucked to desire. You love big cocks. And you just keep jerking faster and faster. LOL! You’re going to feel so pathetic when you cum for a big cock, aren’t you? You little fag. And when you cum you’re going to lick it up and pretend that it came out of that big dick in front of your face!

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