The Mean Therapist!

Added: 11-07-2015

This man has a foot fetish that is ruining his life and he decides to go see a psychiatrist about it to see if he can be cured. But foolishly, he decides that if he is going to see a therapist it might as well be a female...and a hot one. This is a BIG mistake because he ends up in "Dr. Randi's" office- and when she hears him explain his fetish and what he does for all these women just for their FEET...she becomes very intrigued and decides she wants him as HER foot-slave! So instead of helping him, she COMPLETELY TAKES ADVANTAGE OF HIM! She makes him get on his hands & knees in front of her crossed stocking-clad legs and dangles and waves her black leather pump from the tip of her toe right in front of his face, back and forth...telling him it is a "new kind of hipno-therapy". Then when he falls completely under the power of her hipnosis, instead of LESSENING his cravings for feet she whispers in his ear that when he wakes up "it will be 1000 times WORSE- and he will crave only HER feet!" Then when she snaps her fingers to wake him up, she starts to have FUN with her new "guinea pig foot-slave"...just to see what she can make him do for her FEET! She even grabs the entranced patient by the hair and takes her work pumps off that she has been wearing all day in the office and shoves her patient's FACE into them, making him inhale the scent of the leather to further drive his obsession with her feet and ensure complete obedience!


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